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Student Testimonials

Christine worked with groups of Year 11 students on a weekly basis from February until their June examinations. I also delivered a series of GCSE holiday booster sessions in the Easter and May holidays.

Student Reviews:

‘These sessions are very helpful, and I have learnt a lot.’
‘It was minty fresh. I learnt more about English in these sessions than I have in the last 4 years of school.’
‘The sessions have been good because I am now much better at answering exam questions.’
‘These sessions have been very useful to help me improve my English grades. I have learnt a lot about how to plan in exams, analyse extracts and write stories.’
‘I found it very helpful as I was able to learn exam technique for English and feel a lot more confident with English as I found it easier to learn as there was someone to talk to individually, rather than a big class.’
‘The sessions have been engaging and I have learnt better techniques for both my literature and my language exams. It has been good to talk through ideas in a smaller class.’
‘It was good – helped me with my exam techniques and being able to understand the poems correctly.’
‘It has been like having a therapy session where we can ask questions and have time to think and talk about issues in more detail.’

Longbenton High School - Februaury to June 2019.

‘Thank you for the session, it was good to be able to learn about transcendentalism in more detail. I also enjoyed the variety of the short stories we covered.’

‘It was a really interesting session where we covered texts that we had not studied before and made links with our set texts. It was particularly helpful to have a different angle to approach the texts.’

‘An engaging session, thank you!’

‘It is always useful to have a new point of view, really enjoyed the variety of American literature texts that we covered.’

‘Loved the American short stories that we covered – they will work well with our novels.’

A Level Literature OCR- Transcendentalism in American Literature - Goffs High School, Hertfordshire.

“Mr and Mrs Thomas have made a huge effort to make writing as fun as possible. I have enjoyed how cheerful and interesting the work has been.”

“It was great to learn about the Civil War. I liked dressing up and I loved the castle too. The trip also made it much easier to write the story. It was a fun three days, and I liked writing the story and the trip the best.”

” I enjoyed learning about the Civil War and writing the story. It is now my favourite part of history. I have learned a lot over the past few days, including that armour isn’t as light as it looks!”

“I have really enjoyed everything. I enjoyed the people who came in and dressed up. I also enjoyed going to Penshaw Monument and the Castle keep. Today, I really enjoyed the writing.”

“I have enjoyed everything. I loved visiting places where historical events happened and it was great learning new stuff. I think it was helpful learning about the Civil war before I wrote a story about it. To be truthful, I didn’t even know about the British Civil war, so thank you for teaching me about it, and thank you for coming to my school.”

“Learning about how people lived in 1664 has been great. The last few days have really helped me understand how secondary school works.”

“I learned a lot from Mr and Mrs Thomas, I really liked drawing my flag.”

Civil War 1664 - Year 6 Transition Programme

“In such a short time period you have been amazing, thank you so much for helping me and being so kind. Apart from [being a] brilliant teacher, you have made us all laugh and become better people.”

‘I feel much more confident in my writing and I haven’t felt anxious about doing the papers. I felt really well prepared for the exams. I feel a great deal happier and more confident than I did last year.’

“I feel more confident in answering questions and understand so much more!  ” 

‘I believe that my writing has improved, and I now know how to structure my writing. I am confident because of the way we went over techniques again and again – and how the teacher would recommend how I could improve. I feel like I’ve improved dramatically in Year 11.’

My year in English has been better altogether. I have learnt how to:

  • interpret texts on different levels
  • how to actually use language techniques in my writing
  • evaluate sources
  • write in more detail and depth.

And most significantly for me he said – ‘We had a good laugh and also learnt a lot!’

‘Thank you so much – I have improved so much and I really appreciate how much you have done to guide and encourage me’

‘I have learnt a lot in both Literature and language, and most significantly, I am much more confident in what I am writing about. In English I felt so prepared, I was worried because I wasn’t worried!’ (MY favourite quote!)

‘Lessons have been packed full and at times it has been stressful, but it has been worth it. I am confident Mrs Thomas has helped me secure a good grade, she has improved my confidence with my exams – excellent teacher! I love the half hour sessions before the exams, they help keep me calm and the tricks and the approaches are fresh in my mind while I sit the examination!’

‘Miss has taught me not to worry too much and that keeping everything in perspective is the most important part of doing well. I feel very well prepared because I had lots of support – I have improved a great deal since the start of Year 11.”

Year 11 Greenfield School - November to June 2018

‘Excellent revision materials providing context, comparison tables & critics.’

‘Group discussions helped us to convey our ideas better and from this we were able to go on and develop our ideas further.

Good discussion points.”

The in-depth detail around context has helped to strengthen my personal responses. This will benefit my exam’ answers.’

‘Appreciated revision material’

‘Discussions about different points & connections/ links with context.’

‘Lots of information and contextual references that I could not find online that is relevant to the exam.’

Ibsen and Rossetti - A2 OCR Goffs School - February 2018

‘Comparative works, texts and key themes of American Literature.’

‘Clearer on how to link back to Gatsby & how to analyse other American Lit’ texts.’

‘I now understand how to pick out links from the extract better. I understand the question better too.’

‘Great insight in to how to compare an unseen text to Gatsby & find links.’

‘Great session, it was very informative.”

‘Good exam extracts to compare.’

‘Writing and planning practice.’

‘Context & practice questions for the paper.’

‘Looking through extracts and applying context.’

‘Good planning practice.’

‘Improved my comparison skills.’

‘Good introduction to extract analysis.”

‘Understood context more and how to link Gatsby to extracts.’

‘Good booklet, liked group work & chocolate!’

‘I improved how to look for links between texts.’


AS OCR American Timeline - Goffs School February 2018

Student Feedback

‘A really insightful and entertaining session.  I came into the session knowing borderline about what happens and how I would answer and approach the questions. But now I know about the plot summary, the chronology, the structure, the themes. The different characters, social and historical context picking out key quotes and how to fully approach a question. I am now confident in how I will approach ‘The Sign of Four’ on the day. A great session, thank you!’

‘In these past few hours of learning with the lady , I have learnt a lot about Sherlock Holmes and I know that this will benefit from this for my exams later this year. I am positive I will improve on recalling this back to my teachers.’

‘I have learnt how to answer the questions more clearly and explain my ideas through analysis. I also have a clearer understanding of the novel now too.’

‘I have learnt how clever and amazing we are supposed to think Sherlock is. I have also found the context of the police and how they were, interesting and useful.’

‘I came in to this session not knowing a lot about Sherlock Holmes’ The Sign of Four’.  During this session I developed my ideas and understanding into things such as; context, the characters, the plot and how to answer questions on the text. This session was really useful and has helped me understand the text a great deal more.’

‘During the session I have developed a much greater understanding of the novel ‘The Sign of Four’. I have developed ideas on how to approach the an exam question on the Sherlock Holmes novel and how to expand and analyse. Overall the session has been very productive, and from not having much idea about themes, plot, or characters to having a greater understanding of the novel as a whole.’

‘I have learnt how to answer the question more clearly and I have a clearer understanding of the novel too.’

‘Today’s lesson was very knowledgeable as I didn’t know much about the story as I read it a lng time ago.’

‘I have learnt a lot mora about the characters in the novel. I feel as if I could now writa about what happens from start to finish.’

‘The Sign of Four’ Super Learning Day – Caistor Academy 18th January 2018

“Once again, Christine delivered two superb Super learning Sessions for our A level English literature students. The AS students received an engaging and interactive session on ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ as preparation for their mock examinations. They also had an extra session as an introduction to ‘Hamlet’. The A2 students felt inspired by her suggestions and input with regard to ‘Hamlet’ and how they should approach the text in preparation for their examination.  They also gained an invaluable insight into ‘The Age of Innocence’ and how it compares to ‘The Great Gatsby’. Christine never fails to disappoint in the delivery of her high quality and brilliantly resources sessions. “

L Colllins KS5 Coordinator Goffs School - A Level English Literature Super Learning Days - November 2018

“We have learnt a great deal in the past two days we have spent with Christine. We have expanded our knowledge of the books we are studying for English Literature, and we have learnt new techniques which will help us structure our answers in  a better way. This will help us all construct better answers in our exam, and we are looking forward to attaining better grades in our literature GCSE.”

AQA GCSE English Literature Super Learning Days - Jamai al Hudaa School, April 2017

Everything English suggested a super Saturday… a 3 hour revision session on a Saturday morning. This was viewed positively by the students as it didn’t affect their lessons during the week or impress upon other sessions taking place. The session started with Christine making links with set texts and suggested texts in the unit. Once again, it’s a new specification, but Christine had read all of the set texts and was able to advise us which texts complimented each other. She seamlessly made links for all our texts and implemented the board’s vision. A variety of tasks supported all types of A level students and Christine strengthened their understanding as the session went on. She made extensive resource packs with grids and activities that link our texts together. There is so much to do that we will continue this next week…. The students were delighted that so many useful connections had been made, with one student breathing a sigh of relief and saying, he’d been struggling with links. Christine has made our teachers and students feel confident about their knowledge and she has shown them how to improve their marks in the examination. She has written model essays for us because our resources are so limited this year. We will definitely be inviting Everything English back next year, to help with raising our students’ achievement in English.

Student Feedback:‘I didn’t really know how to use different interpretations for AO5 but the session has made it much clearer.’

 ‘As well as the huge amount of learning, the booklets we have been given for every section of the course are extremely helpful when it comes to revision.’

 ‘I get it now, why didn’t you tell me this miss?’ 

 ‘The booklet is perfect and shows me that I know quite a lot, but it has also made me realise I’ve still got more to do’ 


‘After each session, I go home and do not stop until I’ve completed all tasks in the guides. It makes me so independent, I have learnt so much form the sessions, and I have really enjoyed them all.’






American Literature Consolidation - Goffs school, Hertfordshire, April 2017
 ‘I loved Christine’s session very much. I actually feel like I learned valuable information that will help me in real life. The best part is that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning, which is a rare thing in today’s world.’
‘I have enjoyed this lesson because there were lots of funny tweets and it was about social media. It was enjoyable and I learnt something.’
‘In this session I have learnt how social media can affect companies. I enjoyed it.’
‘I have learnt that everything needs to be perfect in the digital world of business.’
‘We have learned today that although you think social media is ‘nothing’, it can change the way you live – people check your profile when you are trying to get jobs.’
Social media in the Workplace - A mix of Y8 students from Middlesbrough Schools - Inspire 2 Learn October 2017

Student Feedback:

‘I have learnt exactly what is needed in each question and how to analyse different techniques. I learnt how to gain the most marks.’

‘I learnt how to stay calm and composed when reading the questions, I have also learnt how to look for imlicit as well as explicit meanings in texts which has allowed me to develop my answers. Thank you.’

‘I now know how to structure and write my question 4, and how to start and conclude my answers.’

‘The most important skill I have learnt is quality over quantity, I now appreciate how to refine my responses.’

‘I fully understand the importance of reading and answering the questions carefully and specifically, and that I should not get caught up adding unnecessary details.’

‘I have learnt how to accurately plan an effective response to the longer questions.’

‘Because of the session, I now have new techniques to answer the questions. I now know more about planning, time management and what is expected of each question.’

‘I feel I now know how to answer questions properly.’


Delivered by Christine Thomas


St Augustine Academy OCR GCSE English Language - Super Learning Days - February 2017

Student Feedback:

‘The session was very engaging and informative. I have learnt the skills needed to help me revise Ibsen and Rossetti and social context, and how to make analytical links across both ‘A Doll’s House’ and Rossetti.’

‘The whole experience was very informative and enjoyable. I have learnt to make appropriate links between the texts and how to incorporate social and historical context when making the links. The contexts linked to the Rossetti poetry was also extremely useful.’

‘Fully understanding the context and background to the Rossetti poetry has been extremely useful. Making appropriate links to Ibsen has also significantly helped my preparation for this section of the examination.’

‘It was a great session where having the time to fully explore the links between the texts has really helped me. Thank you.’

Ibsen and Rossetti - OCR A Level Literature Session - February 2017

***** 5 stars

  • Learned how to analyse language and structure my responses
  • How to time my answers/how long to spend on each question
  • Plan before answering

Today, I learnt how to answer every question in both language papers and how to plan each answer.

Today I have learnt to keep to the exact timings in order to get the most possible marks. Always consider whether to analyse or evaluate the language, and to make sure my responses are sophisticated to get the very top parts.

I learnt that doing comparisons and different tables before answering question 4, would make the response much better and it will also help you control the amount of time to spend on the question which will leave you enough time for the 40 mark question. Overall a very useful day.

AQA English Language GCSE Super Learning Day January 2017

‘The session was  a great success where students had the opportunity to explore a variety of interpretations through the analysis of media clips, examples of performances of key scenes and the responses of critics. It gave the students an opportunity to fully explore how plan and to answer the questions on the A2 paper.’ Thank you.

OCR English Literature A Level - 'Hamlet' Booster Session - November 2016

‘I learnt a wide range of techniques and information which I can put into my work for a better grade. I feel more confident with comparing poems and on the theme of duality in Jekyll and Hyde.’

‘This super learning day has really benefited me and boosted my confidence in English.’

‘Today was extremely helpful and it was great revision. Huge fun.’​

‘It was good revision, I learnt more about how to answer the poetry questions.’

‘I revised on what we did last year, which I forgot, however I remembered a lot more of ‘An Inspector Calls’ and “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. This session really helped me.’

‘What a great day.’

‘We had a wonderful time, it would have been even better if the first and second period was included.’

‘Today I learnt how to use structure in reference to the question asked.’

‘Today was very helpful in terms of me understanding the GCSE.’

Student Feedback - AQA GCSE Super Learning Day - Ernest Bevin College, November 2016

‘It was really useful. We were given ideas about how to cope with stress – e.g. breathing, taking time away.’

‘It was really helpful, we learnt new facts and information, and about how to use breathing exercises to help us.’

‘In period 5 and 6 we learnt about stopping and avoiding stress which has been helpful, but I feel like there could have been more talks about anxiety and stuff that can affect us.’

‘’What I can take from today’s session is that learning to regulate your breathing is important when dealing with stress, we were given different ways of relieving stressed, and I now realise how important it is to stay physically active during stressful times.’

‘I’ve learned how to deal with stress, and also how I need to think about my breathing patterns.’

Delivered by P Thomas and C Thomas

The session has been really good, I now realise that there is lots you can do to help you de-stress, and I now realise that I don’t need to stress out about everything. I need to keep drawing, use breathing to help me keep calm, and talk to someone if everything is getting too much for me.’

‘I now realise that I can take control of a situation. I can also help myself de-stress by using breathing exercises.’

Stressbusting for Students - PSHCE Day - Churchill Community College

For our A Level Super Learning day with a focus on OCR American Literature, Christine from Everything English, included so many suitable resources & extracts, the scheme of work has been written and compiled for us. The method was clearly delivered through the Power Point slides, which teachers can easily follow. As time is precious and guidance scarce, Christine filled the gap, enabling us to concentrate on day to day teaching.

Not only has Christine taught the opening to the concept of American Literature, she has used her expertise and provided a format for the department to follow.

The students thoroughly enjoyed a jam- packed, session which accommodated all learning styles with film clips, music, time lines, alongside this, the delivery of more challenging literature covering the expanse of 1880 to 1940; as well as, historical context and concepts of American Literature. Christine’s knowledge is illuminating and extensive but she was able to piece it all together in a way that was engaging and made sense to the students. Her knowledge was complimented by the student resource booklet she produced which will serve as a revision guide too. Another resource that has been personalised for the students requirements.

We are so delighted with the competitive rate and delivery of the session from Everything English, we have booked a further 3 sessions on Hamlet, Ibsen and Rossetti and examination consolidation. I can truly say with Christine’s investment, the students and I are genuinely excited about the future sessions.

Mrs Collins KS5 English Co-ordinator

Some of the student evaluations are below:

I’m so pleased Mrs Thomas came early, at the start of the A level course as I have an overview now that I didn’t have before’

 ‘Question1, never made sense to me before, but after talking to Mrs Thomas, I want to write an essay and show that I understand the concept of American Literature’

 ‘the timeline was really helpful, in fact, I’ve been using it all week!’

 ‘I feel confident now because I’ve learnt a skill and I know how to analyse any extract – I know what I am looking for’

L Colllins KS5 Coordinator Goffs School - and student responses. November 2016

I cannot recommend Everything English enough.  Christine is incredibly professional, and worked together with my son to develop the best programme for his GCSE English exam.  Following the tutor sessions, my son was both better equipped for the exam and more confident of his abilities.

Michelle Dobson (Matthew Dobson) - November 2016

Christine was a huge help in assisting my daughter Lucy prepare for her IGCSE English Language exam. She gave Lucy the tools to understand what was required from the questions and how to answer them clearly and concisely.

Lucy really enjoyed the sessions and is returning for tuition in English Literature! Highly recommended!!!

Katy Severs - January 2016

Christine greatly helped boost my son’s confidence by providing clear strategies for understanding and applying criteria. She also gave him a better understanding of what was expected from a language question as opposed to a literature question. He found the sessions incredibly enjoyable. He improved his written style by embedding quotes, and he realised just what was needed to get the highest grades.

I just wish I had found her earlier! I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Mary Ross - her son Nathan has Edexcel English Literature and English Language GCSE tuition

To Mrs Thomas

Thank you for being such a thoughtful and entertaining teacher for the past two years. You have taught me to be an instinctive, independent writer, and to trust my own judgements- a skill I probably wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Outside of English you have taught us all so much about the world in general. You are the main reason I am going to study English at university, and you have also inspired me to become an English teacher myself.

Thank you for all of the support.


Annie Karetzenis

Thank you for everything, not just in terms of English, but everything else I have learned from you. You have been an absolute godsend to the English Department and have made it infinitely better. You do so much more than is expected of you as a teacher, not just revision classes, but opening our eyes to things, encouraging our opinions and just generally making A levels bearable and enjoyable! Your classes are lucky to have you, you are undoubtedly one of the best teachers I have ever had. Thank you for everything.

Lauren Towers

Peter has just finished tutoring my daughter through her Russian history AS level re-sit. My daughter has found Peter to be extremely thorough, patient and professional. He has exceptional knowledge of the subject and how best to prepare for examinations.

Peter can be relied upon to support and tutor students no matter what level they are at, we feel that he has guided our daughter well and has given her the confidence to undertake her exam. Peter has a gift for putting students at ease and instilling self-belief, something our daughter found invaluable and would have struggled without.

I would highly recommend Peter as a tutor to any prospective students.

Sharron and Alan Gallagher

Working with Christine has helped me in many different ways. My spelling and vocabulary has improved, I understand how to change the formality of my writing depending on the audience and purpose of the task. I feel like my whole approach to writing has matured and developed over the time I have worked with her. I now feel much more confident in completing my Level 3 NVQ. Thank you.

Dale Griffiths - Derwentside Homes

Student Review

Having small group English sessions has helped me have a much clearer understanding of how to perform in the English exam. Mrs Thomas has stood by us, helped us achieve, and given us support alongside our English teacher. When it comes tot he English exam I now know how to write, how to use my time wisely. My writing has greatly improved because we have explored language features. At the start I lacked confidence and I was quiet, but now I feel confident about what to write and what to put in each paragraph.

I am pleased to say I would go to Mrs Thomas about any problem I have in English. She is a very kind and helpful lady who is willing to help any student or adult with their learning  or teaching.


The small group sessions I have been attending with Mrs Thomas have made me feel more confident when it comes to exams. I think this is because in the sessions with the Mrs Thomas we have been practicing the skills we need for the exam. I now have a better understanding of what the questions mean, how to answer them, and how to analyse the sources. In the recent mock exams, I felt much more confident, thank you Mrs Thomas.


The help form Mrs Thomas has really benefited me because I now feel much more confident about entering my exams! Whilst involve in her sessions I had a mock exam and performed 10 times better than any previous mocks! Her sessions are friendly and supportive and have really helped me reach my full potential in English! She has helped me structure my writing, and improve my analytical skills so that my answers make a clear point- and get me higher marks!

I am really grateful for her help, and because of her I feel I will do better in my exams!


AQA English Language students - High Tunstall


Student feedback:

I thought the course was a good experience due to the vast amount of useful information we received. There were many useful resources given and all of these were both interesting and informative. Christine Thomas, who led the day, was very helpful and used very beneficial PowerPoints. She gave useful and constructive comments and this was a good help as she demonstrated how to write a constructive and good quality exam essay.

AS English Language Revision Day - St Bede's Sixth Form College

Peter Thomas is a passionate and committed servant to teaching. As a head of Sixth Form and a vital member of the History department his adaptably and desire to ensure the best for his students never went unnoticed. To this day I have never met a man more dedicated to ensuring students make the most of their education.

As my teacher and mentor he gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents and become a valuable part of the sixth form community, without his endeavour I,  and many others would not be the progressive students we are today. His passion for History and ability to encapsulate a room of students inspired not only my own love for history but also a desire to follow in his footsteps and become a secondary History teacher.

Mr Thomas’ style of teaching, combined with his own unique persona, created an environment in which students could flourish. He has the ability to adapt and shape a lesson that was unique, engaging and dynamic. Throughout my academic career he has offered constant advice, guidance and support combined with encouraging us to accomplish our very best.

Without doubt Mr Thomas has made a lasting impact on academic life, and |I am sure he will continue to do so in his new endeavour.

Adam Hardy - History graduate, training to teach History

”Day One: Foundation

‘I have learnt how to plan for an article and report. I have also learnt how to structure a report and I know how to adapt my style to the task set. I am now clear about what I need to do in the exam and to how to ensure I get full marks.’

‘I have found this session very useful as it has made me very confident in writing reports and finding quotes throughout the texts.’

‘Today I have learnt to make a decent plan to help me jot down details making it easier to go straight into writing. Today has been very useful as we practices reports and we haven’t done this before. Thanks’

‘I think this extra help has come in handy as I have learned how to successfully plan out a report and an article. This I have never known how to do and I think this will be a great help in the exams. I would really recommend this help to everyone.’


Day Two – Higher

‘This session has helped me to understand writing techniques and how to structure my writing, and how to approach the reading exam.’

‘Both teachers were very friendly and approachable, I found the session very helpful as I could ask questions and now I have a clear understanding of what I need to do for the exam.’

‘I found the two teachers to be very helpful as they taught me exactly how o to answer the questions and gave me great intellectual understanding about what to mention, how to write and how long to spend on the question.’

‘I found it really helpful and also the teachers were very helpful and patient with all of the students.’

‘The English session was very useful and I now feel a lot better going into the exam,’

‘The way the teachers showed me how to correct my way of doing things in reading and writing, was extremely helpful and morale boosting.’

GCSE WJEC Revision days, Arnold Hill Academy, Nottingham

”Today I learnt how to plan a speech, I found this helpful because I struggled to do this before.’

‘Very helpful and enjoyable.’

‘Very helpful, and also taught us easier techniques.’

‘I learnt very different skills, very helpful, thank you.’

‘It was very helpful overall. They covered all the hard parts of each topic which I think will help me for the exam, there was nothing wrong with today as I learnt a lot.’

‘A very helpful and enjoyable revision session this was, it helped me a lot. I learnt different ways to describe the character. The most helpful thing was learning the times for each section.’

‘Helpful, honest and knowledgeable people who educated us in a lovely way today. I would love to have them as teachers.’

‘I learned a lot of things that I had struggled with, thank you.’

Edexcel GCSE Revision Day - Beaumont Leys Academy, Leiceter
The highest praise and thanks to the team at Everything English for the advice and help they gave my son and I with regards to his Cambridge English iGCSE exams. I have no doubts that their knowledge and professionalism helped my son secure grades that were well above what he was predicted.
Antonia Jane Hyde, Javea, Valencia.

In addition to this, we took two groups of 30 – 50 pupils to St James’ Park to work with Christine and her team to complete portfolio work. This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils, not only could they plan and draft two assignments in a short space of time, but they were also extremely engaged in the range of tasks and enjoyed the experience immensely. Pupils completed two engaging responses; both tasks were accessible, allowing pupils to be creative and express their own opinion on whether it’s acceptable to speak with a Geordie accent or not. Of course, the pupils had lots of opinions on this and it sparked a great debate amongst the students. It allowed the pupils to leave their normal classroom environment and they were immersed in their surroundings, given the chance to explore the stadium and receive fresh ideas and perspectives from Christine and her staff. The experience really boosted morale amongst peers and made them determined to complete their portfolio to a very high standard!

Congratulations to Kenton for their excellent English results and the amazing levels of progress achieved by their students in the Summer results.

We returned to St James’ Park on the 24th February 2015 with Year 11 students from Kenton School. We had a great day, and the students worked hard, and enjoyed the whole experience immensely!

St James' Park Super Learning Days


‘To Mrs Thomas

Thank you so much for coming in and working with us, it is greatly appreciated. I have learned a lot about improving my writing. Consequently, I hope you can work with us again soon.

Thank you

From Paige’

Dear Mrs Thomas

I have been enjoying the extra writing because it is helping me to improve and I want this to continue.

From Megan,

Dear Mrs Thomas

I have really enjoyed doing writing with you because it has taught me more about writing, Thank you very much for doing it with me. I’m getting very good with my writing since you have been doing it with me. I think it would be good to keep doing this because I love doing it and it is making everyone amazing at writing.

From Louise

Dear Mrs Thomas

Thank you so much for coming in and teaching us. I learned so much, like how to analyse a piece of text and how to write a better news report.I have really enjoyed it and I would like you to come again so I can learn even more.

Thanks again


Dear Mrs Thomas

I have really enjoyed working with you. I think it is really nice because you give us extra hard work and you help me extend my writing. I like going to do a bit more writing and I hope I can do it again.

From David

Year 6 students - Crookhill Primary School

Thank you for a very engaging and enjoyable course on Tuesday 24th June. The students worked well and produced some great poetry, something there never seems to be time to work on in school.

The analysis of the poetry about War and  patriotism was really useful preparation for the unseen poetry element of the GCSE course and the link to flags and the World Cup kept the students interested as it was topical.

All in all, the whole day was a good way to push the high attaining students and introduce them to the University environment.

We would definitely book again

Julie Collins SSCS - More ABle Day, Newcastle University

Mr Thomas

‘By far the best History teacher I could ever have hoped for!’



Matthew Sample - June 2015

Hi Christine,

I just wanted to let you know how much Harry is enjoying his lessons with you. He had an English class yesterday whereby he had to answer some questions about ‘Animal Farm’. He said he aced them thanks to the work you guys have done in tuition.

Its lovely to think he is happy and enjoying his English classes after all of the struggles we have had over the years

Thank you.


English Tuition Harry - Year 10

‘ I have learnt a great deal over the sessions. I picked up lots of tips about how to respond to the reading texts quicker, and how to pick out words and see their hidden meanings. I learnt how to plan my writing,  and I now know the best way to plan an article. The days have been useful, and I feel better prepared for my English exams.’

Suffolk New College GCSE RE-sit Revision Days - May 2017

‘I found the work on Khrushchev’s interpretations very useful – I was confused, but after this lesson i am able to identify more clearly how to argue using different interpretations. This session has also given me abetter understanding of what evidence need to go where. I learnt a great deal from this session – excellent preparation for my exam!’

‘I have learnt the way to structure the interpretation question in an effective way. I have also learnt a huge amount about Khrushchev as a leader!’

‘I now have a greater understanding of how to tackle Khrushchev interpretations. the booklets of interpretations really helped.’

‘Clearer understanding of how to approach interpretation questions – ie applying knowledge and identifying views.’

‘The Khrushchev interpretations explained in more depth and detail were very useful.’

‘How to put interpretations into an historical context.;

‘Going through interpretations for Russia and writing about what they are arguing to what degree it is convincing.’

Russia and It's Rulers - 1855-164, Depth Studies - Astley High School, Northumberland - Delivered by Peter Thomas