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Professional Testimonials

“Christine provided outstanding leadership and support to both myself and the department throughout this academic year. Her drive and determination for all to succeed combined with her ‘hands on’ approach with classes ensured learners thrived, developed and gained confidence in preparation for their examinations in both English Literature and English Language.

Christine’s expertise as a consultant and her motivation and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. She rapidly established a rapport with staff and students and helped to mould and shape the department. She supported in the creation of assessment systems, schemes of learning, CPD, developing Teaching and Learning within the department, and ensured everyone was supported.

In leading a number of successful Super Learning Days across both campuses, Christine ensured we had a homogenous, focussed and  dynamic approach to the examinations. I would highly recommend both Christine and Peter and I  look forward to working with them in the future.”

Martin Smith Consultant in English and Teaching and Learning - Greenfield Community College - June 2018

Christine Thomas has provided outstanding leadership in English. She has provided clear direction and supported staff to rise to the challenge. Her work has enabled pupils to secure attainment and progress above national averages and support our work to move this school rapidly out of an Ofsted category.

She is an excellent practitioner who really cares about pupils and always works with tenacity to ensure each and everyone achieves their very best. As a school we have benefited greatly from Christine’s work.

Norham achieved excellent results in both English Literature and English Language GCSE and this contributed to a 19% increase in A*-C in Maths and English. In terms of progress in English, 80% made their ELP and 54% made greater than their ELP in English Language. In relation to Pupil Premium, 77% made their ELP, and 53% made greater than their expected levels of progress.

David Baldwin - Executive Headteacher Norham High School August 2016

“Today was fantastic, couldn’t have been better.

Thank you again for organising this, it truly has been great!

We all loved today, so impressed by the excellent organisation of it all and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

The children were totally engaged and have gained such a lot from the whole experience. They absolutely love their booklets!”

year 6 Civil War Transition Programme - Joanna Ward DH at Shiney Row Primary School July 2018

If I was building a Leadership Team in a school from scratch in any secondary school, Peter would most certainly be a key member of that team. He has been an Assistant Headteacher leading our Teaching and Learning Team and Staff Development Programme at Churchill Community College for two years and has done a fantastic job.

Peter is highly skilled, both as a teacher and as a school leader. He has a very broad experience in school leadership- he has had roles leading behaviour and safety, Post-16 and teaching and learning and professional development. He understands school improvement, how schools and classrooms work and sees clear ways that he can put strategies in place to make a positive difference. He works really hard, and always gives his very best to what he does. He is great with people – he supports but does not flinch from challenge and always gets the tone right. He never gives up and will keep working at something, tweaking it until it is right. He has excellent up-to-date knowledge and understanding of teaching and education in its widest sense and he brings this to all of his work. His approach is centred on provision being the very best it can be for students.

His enthusiasm and positive approach is extremely engaging. In addition to all of this, he has integrity – always an important quality in my judgement. I would recommend him to any school very highly and without any reservation whatsoever.


Elaine Riley: Head of School: Churchill Community College

Haydon Bridge High School had not been able to appoint a Curriculum Leader English for September 2015 and the school was desperate to find someone of quality to lead the department and raise academic standards, particularly with new GCSE courses coming on stream. Christine Thomas came forward, admirably filling the gap by bringing her experience of being a leader in English and her expertise as a consultant. She brought in new schemes of work, produced brilliant resources and motivated both staff and students through her enthusiasm for her subject. The school is looking forward to much better English results in the coming examination season.


Jim Cockburn

Consultant Headteacher

Jim Cockburn Consultant Headteacher - January 2016

Christine has worked with us at Norham High School on a consultancy basis since 2014 and agreed to provide support as our English Curriculum Leader from January 2016 when we were struggling to recruit a suitable candidate. Throughout her time with us, Christine has worked hard to support the department in delivering a range of qualifications. In November 2015, she helped secure outstanding results in iGCSE English Language, with 83% of the cohort achieving expected progress and 44% achieving greater than expected progress. Christine has introduced schemes of work and resources to the department which have helped ensure a smooth transition to the new, more rigorous AQA GCSE English Language and Literature qualifications. This has been accompanied by high quality CPD which has supported all staff to improve their subject knowledge and delivery. Less experienced staff in the department have been further supported through joint planning, team teaching and having expected standards in teaching and marking modelled for them by Christine. Overall Christine has had a positive impact in ensuring high standards and good progress being made by pupils.

Joanna Lamb, Assistant Head, Norham High School

Christine Thomas of Everything English completely turned our department around. Offering consistent support with behaviour management, long and short term planning, intervention, line management and strategy development, Christine stabilised and moved our department forward. She had already produced schemes of work and assessment material in line with the demands of the new 2017 G.C.S.E. examination and shaped these to meet the needs of our school and students. Anticipating the demands of the new curriculum Christine designed a Key Stage 3 programme of study with assessment criteria in line with the new specification with clear, measurable outcomes for students moving to Key Stage 4 this year. Her planning and management are second to none. Christine takes a straight forward logical approach which is solution based. In situations where change management, project management, realigning, or intervention is required I could not recommend Everything English more.

I highly recommend the courses provided by Everything English. I attended a course on bridging the gap and came away with a wealth of information and ideas. These were not only inspiring but useful and practical in terms of day to day teaching. Training was underpinned with thorough pedagogical research and extensive classroom experience. Resources provided contained dozens of ideas and strategies to apply once back in school. A thoroughly motivating and stimulating day.

Mrs Karen Rose HBHS ( April 2016)

Christine Thomas came to work with our Department in the autumn term as a ‘hands on’ Curriculum Leader’ 3 days a week.  In her consultancy role she has provided innovative schemes of work at KS3 and Ks4. Her creative, logical and clear vision for the new GCSE English and Literature courses has ensured we can deliver the lessons with confidence.  All of the schemes of work have assessment material that have been adapted to inform both the staff and students of the demands and changes at GCSE. In addition, the Key Stage 3 Programmes of Study mirror the GCSE format so that there is a clear transition between the KS3 and KS4 work.  She has also supported the department in the implementation of the changes for AS English Literature, as well as teaching the Year 12 class in this very important first term.

My personal impression is that she is an extremely capable and talented professional who knows in fine detail about the constantly changing nature of the courses being offered in English teaching today. I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her as a colleague in the Department, she has a motivational, no nonsense attitude and positive influence upon both the staff and students.


Mrs S. Davison of HBHS (January 2016)
“I have had the distinct pleasure of working under Mrs Thomas for a year and in that time I have witnessed my department grow into a thriving and successful team that has achieved dramatically improved results for Year Eleven students in a short space of time.
Christine’s real strength comes from her attention to detail, providing comprehensive schemes of work that allow for higher ability students to be stretched to achieve their full potential but also accommodate for lower attaining pupils, allowing for a wide range of access and engagement.
Mrs Thomas is a true asset to any school – with the new specification for the G.C.S.E. and the changing nature of the curriculum – she is expertly placed to drive any school’s progress forward.”
Mr V Valentine - Norham High School (July 2016)

“Peter came to our rescue to support during a long term staff absence. He was a fantastic temporary addition to the team with his experience and knowledge of the history curriculum. In the classroom he was an engaging practitioner that developed strong positive relationships with the young people. He was highly professional, committed member of the team that was willing to go above and beyond when needed.”

John Moffat, Deputy Head, Greenfield Community College - June 2018

Christine’s support was greatly needed in our English department. She introduced us to practical and engaging schemes of work, and I very quickly saw clear progress from my students. Students were encouraged to produce extended pieces of writing, literature essays, and reading based upon challenging texts, but with clear ideas for differentiation enabling them to produce high quality work. Most importantly,  Christine’s support ultimately bridged gaps in my own knowledge, especially when it came to the new English GCSEs, in particular when teaching language through the literature texts. I would thoroughly recommend her methods and ideas in relation to motivating and engaging students.

Jane Minnis - Norham High School, July 2016

“Peter is extremely highly skilled, and knowledgable with excellent intrapersonal skills with both pupils and colleagues alike. He is very hard working and resilient, and uses his frequently updated pedagocial and subject specialist knowledge to very good effect in delivering the best quality learning experience.
He has also been very supportive and has a ‘can do’ attitiude towards a wide variety of education challenges. Peter is also extremely engaging and has had an extremely positive response from the pupils in my school. I would really recommend Peter to your without hesitation.”

Stuart Johnson | Subject Leader - History Greenfield Community College - June 2018

Having worked with ‘Everything English’ I can fully endorse their commitment to school improvement, staff CPD and pupil performance.

The team take time to look at the needs of a school, the needs of an English department and the needs of groups of pupils and individual pupils.

My staff were thrilled when their professionalism and expertise were recognised; the ‘Everything English’ approach is to share expertise and develop existing good practice in a professional and supportive manner.

No stone is left unturned in ensuring improved outcomes.  The ‘Everything English’ will coach staff, work with pupils, lead CPD, moderate examinations and support teachers as professionals.

I have been really pleased with the difference which ‘Everything English’ have made to our English department in a short space of time and I am looking forward to further work with them.

Congratulations to Manor School for achieving their best ever English results in the Summer of 2014 – including the high proportion of students making excellent levels of progress.

Anne Malcom - Headteacher, Manor School

Christine Thomas is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. She understands how to ensure students make good progress through her outstanding teaching skills and knowledge of leadership. She worked for me during the Autumn term 2013 and during that time was able to support the English Department in a number of ways:
•Focused preparation for students entered for November exams
•Modelling high quality teaching to support improvements in other staff
•High quality support to help the department plan more effectively
•Support to introduce a new GCSE specification
•Building confidence and accuracy in coursework marking

All of this led to improvements in teaching and better progress being made by students. Staff felt well supported and really appreciated the help. I would recommend Christine knowing that she is a highly skilled professional who really cares about students and will support staff to ensure they achieve this goal.



David Baldwin - Executive Headteacher South Shields Community School

Review of Christine Thomas’ session for NATE Friday 24th June 2015. The session was split into two 1 h 15 minute slots.

 On reflection, what is interesting is that they all got different, and very positive things from the session. Having 30 delegates who were a mix of International, private, catholic, state, academy schools – as well as publishers, NQTs and HODs, made it difficult to pitch. Nevertheless, the feedback suggests that the majority of the attendees benefitted from the session.

 The first comment is the success of the session, the second is how they will implement the good practice.


Presentation – very personable approach, clearly inspirational for attendees.

  • I will feedback relevant info to my clients as we look to support English departments we work with.

Good overview of the new demands at KS4 and how the curriculum links. I enjoyed sharing Long Term Plans and hearing model examples.

  • Make some changes to our KS3 LTP
  • Share some of the resources with my department

Breaking down of the progress levels and how to incorporate KS4 criteria into KS3

  • Work on KS3 planning
  • Writing long term plans

Improve practice by writing long term plans with cross curricular links.

Needed a longer session!

  • Lots of ideas
  • – Will have more clarity and focus in redeveloping long term plans to fit mew spec.


The group discussion tasks were very useful in the sharing of ideas and problem solving

  • Embedding SOLO taxonomy into the KS3 mastery curriculum


Strengths – the varied resources

  • Ideas are helpful to inform KS3 planning and resources for Teachit


Practical examples delivered with clarity

– I will begin discussions in my department about the logic of half term changes – also marks for SPAG to run up to the GCSEs


Helpful ideas for how to deal with KS3 changes and assessments

  • I will share what I have with the department and KS3 leader


Allowed me to reflect on my practice through the resources used, I liked the emphasis on creative teaching in English

– More interactive activities, planning SOW

  • How to work without levels and assessments.


Very thought provoking, friendly and full of useful ideas to take away

  • I am going to spend time in the next 4 weeks planning new assessments in KS3
  • Thought provoking
  • Encouraging resilience leading to GCSE
  • Keeping curriculum simple but incorporating depth


Practical and not patronising – assumed we knew about the changes – I liked that, THANKS! Good pace.

  • INSET with the English department


The presenter was passionate about the topic, but I felt that it could have been structured better to make sure we properly tackled the difficult nature of writing a new curriculum

  • I will use the idea of using numbers to track progress – it is like APP but helps to keep it somewhat different.

(In 2 hours!!! – My focus was adapting not creating…)

Stress on creative approach

  • References on our literacy website – focus on functional literacy.

International school:

  • Update of UK developments
  • Streamlining of KS3
  • Emphasis on SPAG and linear development through key stages
  • Looking at assessment and moderation for 2015-2016

Really useful – I am a publisher looking into upcoming issues for KS3 and this really helped outline some of the new challenges. Thank you!

Very clear and accessible.

Discussions regarding new KS3 levels – changes to NC and Government links

I will take the ideas for assessments and the updates regarding Ofsted.

Examples and practical applications were a strength

– I will be re-evaluating long term plans and schemes of work.





NATE Conference 2015

Christine has worked excellently within the faculty throughout this academic year, supporting students with AQA exam practice, IGCSE speaking and listening activities, moderation, as well as  thoughtful advice on leadership and management. She has also aided the creation of a long term plan for the new GCSE.

She is inspirational and methodical in her approach and we hope to work alongside her in the future

Sarah Forster - Head of English High Tunstall School

Christine Thomas has a wealth of experience which she has ably translated into meaningful support for the specifics of my context. Working with Christine on developing schemes of learning which meet changing curriculum requirements has been a productive process, and I’m optimistic that delivering them will be enjoyable for staff and student alike. Her ability and expertise is clearly evident. The way in which she delivers to staff to secure a sense of ownership and optimism is likewise commendable. I’d thoroughly recommend Everything English Education Consultancy to any school.

Congratulations to St Hild’s for their excellent English results 2014.

Gary Wooton - St Hild's School
Peter is an outstanding leader who really understands what needs to be done and how to focus on making that difference. He is student centered, understanding the expectations the systems places on them as well as how to support and encourage them to achieve the very best they can.
He is an outstanding teacher who has extensive experience of securing outstanding progress with students. He is also able to support colleagues to improve their own performance.
He has high expectations, but this is combined with appreciating where colleagues are, and he then uses his expertise to carefully scaffold and increase their confidence and improve their performance. His style is to coach and I could give numerous examples of the way staff have valued his support and made the necessary improvements.
I would recommend Peter to you without hesitation. You, your staff and most importantly your students will benefit greatly from his support.
David Baldwin, Headteacher, Churchill Community College

‘Christine’s knowledge of the education curriculum is second to none and she has advised us extensively on the changes EBACC is making to and has always been diligent and forthcoming with advice and new ideas to make sure that our magazine packages have a real benefit to schools – from her work it is clear to see that she has a real passion and talent for engaging students to help them maximise their potential. ‘

Ben Cooper - Unique

Working with Christine has been a revelation. Teaching English is now fun for both me and the children. Children of all abilities have produced work of a much higher standard and are writing much more sustained pieces. It will revolutionise the way in which you teach reading and writing. It makes me think “Why haven’t I always taught like this? It makes much more sense” I would recommend this CPD to everyone.

Louise Bradford Deputy Head - Crookhill primary School, Gateshead

I  had the pleasure of working in a school with Peter Thomas for 6 years: he is intelligent and quick thinking, and he focuses on practical solutions to issues in the classroom and in the wider school context. He is an excellent classroom teacher, but also a very good leader who was respected by all his colleagues – not an easy thing to achieve!

Peter is well read and well informed, but he is also practical and understands how to put theory into practice. He is an optimist by nature, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Stephanie Bingham - North East School Improvement Officer

Christine Thomas is a highly-skilled and energetic practitioner of English who uses her wide experience to challenge and support learners in clearly structured, diverse and interesting ways.

She is highly adept at creating teaching resources which draw on her specialist knowledge of a wide variety of literary writing from the canon, modern, genre and international fiction. Her integrated approach engages and motivates students of all ages and levels in the development of their own literacy skills.

My A Level English Language students found her scheme “1955” particularly effective for introducing the key concepts in a coherent way.  Her development of schemes of work for ‘Othello’ and ‘All My Sons’ for A Level Literature were also successful in both challenging and engaging the students.

Christine has extensive literary, linguistic and pedagogical knowledge and working and training with her is a fantastic opportunity for both students and teachers to extend their knowledge of English Language and English Literature.

Clare Fairclough - Teacher of English

I found the course to be a really positive experience. It was wonderful to students engaging and getting enthusiastic and passionate about English Language outside of my classroom. The course leader Christine  Thomas was really knowledgeable and motivating and I felt that the whole atmosphere was really positive and engaging.  I took a real mixture of learners with regards to both ability and personality. I found that despite this they worked well together and individually and were all enthusiastic about the day as a result. They all made progress over the course of the day and have been more confident in Language and Power as a topic which I feel is a direct result of the day. It sparked discussions about going to University and if there would be a similar course at A2, which to me suggested the learners felt the day was beneficial.

I would definitely want to run the trip again next year as I felt it was a really positive experience for both staff and students.

Hannah Ross - A Level English Teacher
Delegate feedback from our IGCSE English Department CPD 22nd October 2014:
It was honestly one of the best CPD training sessions I’ve had. Answered loads of questions and worries I had and gave lots of very practical hints and stimulus tips for the teaching the course. You told me it would though didn’t you!
I feel much more confident now because of all the fab resources she gave us and how clearly she explained everything.
In fact, I’m really looking forward to teaching IGCSE now and feel I have the freedom to teach my subject in a way I had when I first started out teaching as an NQT; I certainly did’t feel like I had this much freedom under AQA and WJEC.
So anyway, I just thought I got more out of that 3 hours than I have out of a lot of other external speakers courses for a long time. It was mint!

As we are entering a large cohort of pupils for iGCSE at Kenton for the first time we asked Christine from ‘Everything English’ to offer some training to the English team. The session was extremely helpful and staff felt much more confident in their ability to deliver all aspects of the coursework, speaking test and exam. Christine shared lots of tips, advice and we also had a very valuable moderation session.

In addition to this, we took two groups of 30 – 50 pupils to St James’ Park to work with Christine and her team to complete portfolio work. This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils, not only could they plan and draft two assignments in a short space of time, but they were also extremely engaged in the range of tasks and enjoyed the experience immensely. Pupils completed two engaging responses; both tasks were accessible, allowing pupils to be creative and express their own opinion on whether it’s acceptable to speak with a Geordie accent or not. Of course, the pupils had lots of opinions on this and it sparked a great debate amongst the students. It allowed the pupils to leave their normal classroom environment and they were immersed in their surroundings, given the chance to explore the stadium and receive fresh ideas and perspectives from Christine and her staff. The experience really boosted morale amongst peers and made them determined to complete their portfolio to a very high standard!

Congratulations to Kenton for their excellent English results and the amazing levels of progress achieved by their students in the Summer results.

We returned to St James’ Park on the 24th February 2015 with Year 11 students from Kenton School. We had a great day, and the students worked hard, and enjoyed the whole experience immensely!

Helen Thompson and Jennifer Darling - Kenton School

Thank you for a very engaging and enjoyable course on Tuesday 24th June. The students worked well and produced some great poetry, something there never seems to be time to work on in school.

The analysis of the poetry about War and  patriotism was really useful preparation for the unseen poetry element of the GCSE course and the link to flags and the World Cup kept the students interested as it was topical.

All in all, the whole day was a good way to push the high attaining students and introduce them to the University environment.

We would definitely book again

Julie Collins SSCS - More Able Day at Newcastle University

Christine has vast experience in teaching and leading KS3-5. With her excellent subject knowledge, she is capable of inspiring, steering and supporting many practitioners, students and departments in achieving a successful and holistic approach to English.

Christine’s expertise and guidance was invaluable in preparing me to teach A level English Language as an NQT. Her encouragement, dedication and her knowledge of a wide range of pedagogical approaches has been a consistent source of inspiration to me throughout the last seven years. If I have any queries or concerns with the current shifting sands of the English curriculum, Christine is always my first port of call. Her lively personality and determination for all to succeed enable her to challenge and stretch her fellow professionals. Christine is one of the most talented teachers I have had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend her.

Martin Smith - Head of English

“Christine is someone who I love working with; she is knowledgable, supportive and incredibly hardworking. I have learned so much from her and continue to each day. Children enjoy working with her as she is innovative and makes learning fun and interesting.”

Emma Mc Veigh - Teacher of English

Peter adds a new dimension to school improvement resulting in striking impacts. His evaluative and analytical skills combined with his ability to think deeply, supports staff in tackling challenges from a new perspective thus securing rapid improvement. He not only asks pertinent questions, but the “right” questions, thus supporting the development of people, systems and processes at all levels.


Terry Conway Deputy Head

As Head of our Humanities Faculty at SSCS and a non-History specialist, Peter provided me with an invaluable insight into the necessary structures and assessment procedures required for a rigorous GCSE History course.  He supported the sole history teacher in our department in the standardisation of mock exams and the planning and monitoring of OCR Controlled Assessment.

The resources he has provided us with are of high quality and, alongside his advice and guidance, they have provided a great basis for developing our key stage 3 and 4 History curriculum in terms of planning for progress.  Peter’s approach has been always based around support.  He has been extremely enthusiastic and very flexible in designing support packages to fit our needs and has always been available and willing to visit our school and welcome our faculty in working co-operatively as a team, always maintaining focus on the enjoyment and achievement of students in History.

Andrew Wallace

Head of humanities Faculty SSCS

Andrew Wallace Head of humanities Faculty SSCS

I attended your KS3 workshop at NATE. Thanks so much – it was really useful! Cambridge has been out of the UK-specific market for a while but we’ve just launched GCSE and A Level English for the new specs, and we’re currently looking into how we might help teachers meet KS3 needs – so the whole workshop was really brilliant to help me get my head around all the myriad issues that schools are facing at the moment.

Felicity Radford - Cambridge Publishers

Working with Peter has provided me with a wealth of suggestions when conducting both meetings and presentations. Peter is endlessly patient, he is always positive, and he can be always be relied upon to find a way of getting the very best from everyone he works with. Based on his ability to motivate and cultivate the very best in both students and adults, I would unreservedly recommend his services to both education and business.

Ross Brown - Assistant Head - King James I Academy

‘Peter Thomas is an absolute expert in all things about education. A direct line to the most effective strategy!’


Chris Tuert - Assistant Head CCC