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Private Tuition

Christine from Everything English Education has since October being tutoring my daughter in the lead up to her GCSE English language and Literacy.  To say we are delighted with the progress she’s made is an understatement! From the initial meeting, Christine quickly identified the gaps in her learning and with her expansive knowledge of the GCSE syllabus and examination techniques ensured that Niamh was taught both the content and skills needed to feel more confident in tackling this increasingly difficult subject.  Not only did this improve her language skills but gave her confidence in tackling written form across all areas of the curriculum.  I have no hesitation in recommending this company as a specialised tutoring service that focuses on the individual needs of each young adult.’

L McDonald - July 2017 - Edexcel GCSE English Language and English Literature

My son found English lessons to be a struggle at school and unfortunately this wasn’t helped by many changes in teachers over the years leading up to GCSE. As a parent I was frustrated that he didn’t quite manage to reach his full potential. I was introduced to Christine from Everything English Education and this was the start of a fantastic transformation for my son. He attended Christine’s classes every week, where he gained amazing confidence and was able to reach his full potential which we always knew was in him. He has enjoyed his learning experience and variety of learning with Christine and felt enormously confident when he recently sat his GCSE English Language and Literature Papers. I would highly recommend Christine and her team at Everything English Education Consultancy Limited and want to thank her for believing in my son.

Andrea McGuigan - (Edexcel GCSE)
My son, Cameron, was feeling concerned, following his mock exams at the beginning of the year, that he didn’t feel as prepared for his GCSEs in English as he did other subjects. With this being the first year of the new GCSE English Language and Literature exams the extra tuition Christine provided has been invaluable. Christine has conducted individual and group sessions at regular intervals right up until the exams which has given Cameron essential techniques to tackle each exam confidently. Christine has been able to show Cameron how he should approach each paper, what the exam board (AQA) require, how to structure his answers and just as importantly give him confidence going into each exam. Thank you so much Christine you have taken the pain away from English revision!
Jayne Straughan
J Straughan - July 2017 AQA GCSE English Literature and English Language

My Son has been working with Christine Thomas from Everything English Education Consultancy for several weeks, as I became very concerned that there appeared to be significant gaps in the teaching of English Language and English Literature at his secondary school.

Christine has provided an extremely friendly, reliable , punctual and professional service. My son has  worked with her both individually and in small group sessions in the  run up to his GCSE examinations. I feel that Christine’s help, advice and support has been invaluable. He has now been able to enter his examinations feeling more confident in his ability to answer and interpret all of the questions to the best of his ability.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending the services of Everything English.

R Oxley - July 2017 AQA GCSE English Literature and English Language

I cannot recommend Everything English enough.  Christine is incredibly professional, and worked together with my son to develop the best programme for his GCSE English exam.  Following the tutor sessions, my son was better equipped for the exam and confident of his abilities.

M Dobson - GCSE Re-sit - Edexcel legacy

My son has been attending English support with Christine prior & including run up to taking his GCSE’s & I can’t emphasize how much she has helped & supported him. He was struggling & to be honest he didn’t have much interest in studying English. He has thoroughly enjoyed his learning experience & we all feel that that it has benefited him immensely. Christine is very passionate about learning & make lessons interesting & enjoyable. I can’t wait to inform Christine of his exam result & will definitely be utilising her services again when my daughter starts her GCSE’S.
Can’t thank her enough!

J Swift - Edexcel GCSE
‘My tuition at Everything English has enabled me to understand and formulate appropriate responses to GCSE questions. I hope that this will bring me much more promising results on results day. English as a subject has always been by far my weakest, this was mostly due to a lack of confidence with my ability to form complex sentences and accurately analyse texts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Everything English and am very thankful of the skills that I have gained from attending the sessions.’
Harry Andersen Queen Elizabeth High School - Edexcel GCSE
Christine was a huge help in assisting my daughter Lucy prepare for her IGCSE English Language exam. She gave Lucy the tools to understand what was required from the questions and how to answer them clearly and concisely. Lucy really enjoyed the sessions and is returning for tuition in English Literature! Highly recommended!!!
K Severs - IGCSE English Langauge and English Literature

Christine greatly helped boost my son’s confidence by providing clear strategies for understanding and applying criteria. She also gave him a better understanding of what was expected from a language question as opposed to a literature question. He found the sessions incredibly enjoyable. He improved his written style by embedding quotes, and he realised just what was needed to get the highest grades.

I just wish I had found her earlier! I would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Mary Ross - Edexcel GCSE

‘Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me over the last few months. You have given me the confidence in my work and ability and have helped me through these exam. Thank you. From Ethan.’


‘My son was struggling with English, on the autistic spectrum and averaging a grade 2, within six months of once weekly tuition he was averaging a grade 6 and brimming with confidence, would highly recommend, especially Christine who went above and beyond and had a great deal of knowledge regarding teaching methods and strategies to help him cope with the stresses of year 11.’

Ethan P - Year 11 student GCSE Edexcel

Dear Peter – Thank you so much for all of your help. You helped me find confidence and belief in myself which I haven’t had for a long time. And you helped me find my passion for History once again! Thank you! Jerome.


Dear Peter, A huge thank you for all of your support with History, it is really appreciated.’ Best wishes Jonathan and Gem.

Jerome - A Level History