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Year 6 Transition Programmes

Year 6 Transition Programme – Building Self-Belief in Preparation for Secondary Education

The end of Year 6 is an exciting, yet daunting time for many of our youngsters. They are saying goodbye to the environment where they have felt safe and secure to embark on a huge adventure when they got o ‘big school’. In many ways they are ready for a change, but it is important that our youngsters are prepared for change, and our programme gives them an insight into what to expect. We can do this for you!

We have devised a programme of study that combines drama, art and creativity; with cultural visits and highly creative personalised responses.
Our theme at Shiney Row Primary School was the 1644 Civil War. We split Year 6 and created two different factions, the Royalists of Newcastle versus the Parliamentarians of Sunderland.

Here is an example of how we work:

Day One: In school, getting to know students, giving them a range of activities linked to history, creative writing and poetry. We invited the Battlefield’s Trust in to school and, in character they described how they would have lived in 1644. They talked about the role of children and the impact the war had on families. They brought in artefacts, weapons and armour for the children to try. The students then created their own personalised flag; something that symbolised their character and their interests.








Day Two: An historical tour of Penshaw Monument to see where one of the Civil War battles took place – and to give the Parliamentarians an idea of how they would have lived. We then went to visit The Castle, at Newcastle, where we had a fabulous guide who described the gruesome history of the castle – with a special emphasis on 1644, just for us. In the afternoon the children re-enacted a pike drill in the grand Hall – an activity they all absolutely loved. They were brilliantly behaved and they were a credit to the school.









Day Three: We provided ideas for characters and settings and the children had to adopt the personas of people experiencing the Civil War. They describe events, experiences and emotions. They worked tirelessly and produced some brilliant stories. They read some of them on the day, and we were impressed with both the effort they put in and the brilliance of the stories they produced.









Presentations – SHarp provided the students with two family cinema tickets as prizes for the best contributions, and the level of enthusiasm over the three days. As part og the project we collated all of the stories, as well as some photographs taken over the few days and created an anthology as a memento of their efforts.
The feedback from the students is testament enough for how much they enjoyed the days. They also appreciated having yet another opportunity to ask questions about what life would be like at secondary school.

We wish them all every success and we are sure that they will enjoy a fruitful time at the secondary schools they will be attending.

We worked in collaboration with SHarp and the Battlefield’s Trust. Take a look at the fantastic flags and brilliant stories the children created.

Deputy Head Feedback

“Today was fantastic, couldn’t have been better.
Thank you again for organising this, it truly has been great!
We all loved today, so impressed by the excellent organisation of it all and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!
The children were totally engaged and have gained such a lot from the whole experience. They absolutely love their booklets!”


Student Feedback

“Mr and Mrs Thomas have made a huge effort to make writing as fun as possible. I have enjoyed how cheerful and interesting the work has been.”
“It was great to learn about the Civil War. I liked dressing up and I loved the castle too. The trip also made it much easier to write the story. It was a fun three days, and I liked writing the story and the trip the best.”
” I enjoyed learning about the Civil War and writing the story. It is now my favourite part of history. I have learned a lot over the past few days, including that armour isn’t as light as it looks!”
“I have really enjoyed everything. I enjoyed the people who came in and dressed up. I also enjoyed going to Penshaw Monument and the Castle keep. Today, I really enjoyed the writing.”
“I have enjoyed everything. I loved visiting places where historical events happened and it was great learning new stuff. I think it was helpful learning about the Civil war before I wrote a story about it. To be truthful, I didn’t even know about the British Civil war, so thank you for teaching me about it, and thank you for coming to my school.”
“Learning about how people lived in 1664 has been great. The last few days have really helped me understand how secondary school works.”
“I learned a lot from Mr and Mrs Thomas, I really liked drawing my flag.”

Would you like the Building Self-Belief Team to devise a special programme just for you? Contact us, and we will adapt our programme to suit any time in history, we can also create an engaging creative tasks that will give children a sense of pride, and give them a major boost in their self-belief in preparation for their adventures in secondary education.