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Teacher Courses


At Everything English Education Consultancy we offer a variety of teacher courses led by highly experienced course leaders who will provide delegates at all levels of teaching with some inspiring approaches to education.

We have devised a series of courses to support you in the preparation, management and organisation of the English curriculum at Key Stages at 2, 3 and 4 and 5. Delegates attending our courses will receive CPD that will outline the most up to date changes related to the curriculum, suggestions for assessment, tracking and monitoring, as well as resources and ideas that can be implemented in the classroom.

For whole school development, we  deliver courses for school leaders to support in the implementation of Literacy across the curriculum, as well as ideas and suggestions for Closing the Gap. In preparation for the changes to the curriculum in 2015, it is essential that schools get this right, and we are here to support you in this with some fresh and innovative ideas that will improve your school.

Please take the time to read our testimonials as evidence of the standard of our provision. A recent example of feedback from a Head of English regarding the strengths of the session, Implementing a Successful KS3 English Curriculum, included:

‘We’ve been given some brilliant resources to use, all of which clearly demonstrates how to integrate the new KS3 curriculum. This, to me, is brilliant and helpful. On previous courses I’ve been told how things should be done, but have never been given anything to use.”

I have also found it extremely useful meeting other HODs and also having a session leader who knows what she is talking about.’

We look forward to seeing you on our courses.

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  • Teacher Courses

    Teacher Courses

    Keep up to date on all of the latest developments in teaching and learning.

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    Student Events

    Book your students onto one of our pre organised student events at Newcastle University.

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    In School Support

    For more bespoke sessions we can create CPD and student events just for you.

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    Corporate Development

    Get the best out of your staff by taking a new and fresh approach to professional development and training.

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    Child Protection Training

    Our dynamic child protection courses combine our outstanding delivery, with our extensive experience of working in schools.

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