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Student Events


Everything English can cater for a variety of student events. We will fulfil the differing requirements of Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 in English Language and English Literature. We offer pre-planned events, as well as a service where we can create a bespoke event just for your students. We cover all examination boards, therefore we can tailor the events to your needs.

Let us organise an intensive day of revision to prepare your students for their 100% English examinations.

 The student focus could be:

  • Achieving grade 9 – a targeted intervention day that will focus on how the more able students can achieve maximum marks on the examination papers.
  • Grade 4 and 5 students. Without the cushion of coursework/controlled assessments, it is essential that the students who could be borderline have a full understanding of exactly what is required in examination conditions.
  • Motivating boys
  • Raising the self-esteem of girls.

A Bespoke English Literature Day

Such a day will provide an intensive booster session on preparing for English Literature. We could cover poetry, and/or focus on a key text from your choice of Shakespeare, modern prose/drama, and your selection of 19th Century literature. We can create a day that suits the needs of your students. We will cover:

  • Examination technique
  • Key quotations – and how to memorise them
  • Key themes and how to map them across the whole text
  • Timing
  • Marginal gains
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • A question by question explanation of how to get the top marks
  • Model answers

 Select your dates:

  • The days may be useful for the students to prepare for their mocks. When the sessions are earlier in the year, the students can build on these techniques in the weeks leading up to the examination
  • You could also book us nearer the time of the actual examinations as their final preparation. This would act as a final boost before the examination itself.
  • You could use these sessions to provide a boost for texts that were studied in Year 10, and just need an intensive day of examination focus which will save yourself some valuable teaching time.
  • The sessions could also be used post mock, where gaps in certain students learning has been identified and can be quickly and effectively caught up
  • We offer weekend sessions, holiday sessions, or we can offer term time revision days.

Some of the schools we are working with have booked us over a series of days to ensure students have a full knowledge of both English Literature and English Language. This caters for key groups and for potential gaps in knowledge.

Our days can be preparing students for specific papers in English Language and English Literature. We cover AQA, Edexcel, Educas and OCR.

We can come to you, or we can organise a venue. We can create an event that suits your needs.

Our guarantee is that the sessions are all delivered by highly specialised English teachers who have a proven track record of excellent results over many years of teaching.

We offer weekend sessions, holiday sessions, or term time revision days.

Book NOW to avoid disappointment.

An important part of our service is listening to your requirements and using our expertise to create pertinent and relevant student session. We can come to your school, or we can organise an external venue for your event. Our service enables you to focus on the needs of students, while we do the organisation and the preparation for you.

Our small group tutoring sessions will be continuing in September. Our aim is to give students a weekly intensive session to support their learning and increase their confidence in English, as well as supporting and improving their general literacy. The excellent testimonials are evidence of our success in this area.

Stressbusting for Students – PSHE Students Workshops

With the increased focus on children’s mental health, combined withe the additional stress of 100% examinations protection, we are also offering Super Learning Days with a stronger focus on topics related to raising self esteem, building resilience and revision techniques.

Everything English Education Consultancy is a company that provides high quality consultancy and continuous professional development. They also deliver a range of student seminars and whole day events designed to optimize student progress in the classroom.






The synergy between Blue Therapy Clinic Ltd and Everything English Consultancy is unique. We combine extensive experience of both pastoral systems and ever changing academic demands in schools with the highly experienced practitioners at Blue Therapy Clinic.

Collaboratively we can:

  • Support to schools and colleges to develop policy
  • Advise and ensure that they have the correct provision to support the mental health of the students in their care
  • Support in the implementation of key ideas and strategies that promote a positive and caring school environment
  • Offer mental health awareness training to students, teachers and parents/caregivers
  • Provide a PHSE day that will support student’s mental health and help with examination preparation
  • Provide child protection training
  • Provide bespoke packages for students on issues such as managing stress, building self-esteem, resilience and improved wellbeing
  • Deliver bespoke stress management courses to staff and managers based on your institution’s requirements
  • Extend our support through coaching and leadership within staff teams
  • Devise individual therapy for students and staff

Contact enquiries@everythingengligheducation.co.uk for further information or call 0191 4066377 to arrange a booking.

We are taking bookings for the following:

  • Stressbusting for Teachers – A course for leaders
  • Stressbusting for Students – PSHE Students Workshops
  • Encouraging Self Esteem, Resilience and Wellbeing in your Students – A course for teachers

All of our courses are available as INSET teacher CPD

Please get in touch and we can start planning your days.

We cover ALL examination boards. Recent examples of our work with students includes:

  • A series of four A level English Literature days to prepare students at Goffs School for OCR English Literature
  • A series of revision days at Suffolk New College to prepare for WJEC GCSE re-sit
  • A series of OCR GCSE English Language sessions at Woodard Academy, Kent
  • GCSE English Language sessions AQA, Goffs School
  • GCSE English Literature AQA, Ernest Bevin School, Tooting
  • Small group AQA English Language and English Literature revision sessions at Viewpoint, Consett
  • Small group Edexcel English Language and English Literature revision sessions at Viewpoint, Consett
  • Super Learning Revision days at Norham High School for English Language and English Literature GCSE – Easter and May holiday 2016
  • Super Learning Day for English Langu at St James’ Park with Kenton School – March 2016
  • WJEC exam technique for Higher and Foundation at Arnold Hill Academy, Nottingham
  • Edexcel Single award Beaumont Leys School, Leicester
  • AS English Literature AQA Revision Day At Walton Girl’s School, Grantham
  • AQA exam technique with small groups of Year 11 students at High Tunstall School – weekly sessions
  • IGCSE Year 11 Super Learning Day at St James’s Park with Kenton School – 2015
  • IGCSE Year 11 Super Learning Day at St James’s Park with Norham High School – 2015
  • IGCSE Year 11 Super Learning Day at King James’ Academy – coursework preparation
  • IGCSE Year 11 Revision sessions at King James’ Academy
  • Year 11 writing workshops targeting WJEC English Language GCSE for St Hild’s, Hartlepool. Our support formed part of their residential revision sessions to prepare the students for their final GCSE examinations.
  • Year 11 Super learning day at Manor Technology College, preparing students for AQA Higher Unit 1 English Language Paper.
  • Kenton School – St James’ Park – two full day sessions to support the students prepare for their iGCSE coursework.
  • South Shields Community School – preparing students for English Language Edexcel November re-sit examination.
  • South Shields Community School – support and intervention in the completion of Year 11 iGCSE English Language coursework.
  • AS Literature at Harton Technology College – a focus on Auden for Section A and then a workshop on how to approach Section B.
  • A2 English Literature at Harton Technology College – a focus on ‘The Bloody Chamber’ by Angela Carter and how to respond to Section A on the Elements of the Gothic paper.
  • St Bede’s Sixth Form College, Stockton – AS English Language with a focus on Language and Power and how to respond to Section B of the examination. Jury’s Inn, Newcastle.
  • Crookhill Primary School – Secondary Ready, to develop writing skills to support students in achieving a level 6.
  • Shotley Bridge Junior School – Secondary Ready, writing skills.

Please refer to our testimonial page as evidence of the success of our events.

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