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In School Support


At Everything English Education Consultancy our mission is to fully support schools in an evolving educational environment. We recognise that there is intensive pressure on schools to accommodate constant change, whilst maintaining and improving results. Consequently, what we offer is an opportunity to share outstanding practice, train staff, improve literacy and create schemes of learning and resources.

If required, Everything English can also provide a diagnostic approach to identify where our services are best utilised in training your staff and enable them to maximise their professional potential in the classroom. As part of our service we can also develop and deliver bespoke sessions for your students.

We can also deliver our external courses as in house training for English departments or clusters of schools.

We offer the following services:

• An English Department health check
• Teaching and Learning – effective strategies in the classroom
• Effective questioning for outstanding teaching
• Modelling of outstanding teaching to support English staff
• Observations to support staff in relation to the new GCSE and Ofsted requirements
• Training in differentiation with a focus on SEN and More Able and Talented
• Curriculum mapping and development for GCSE and A level
• Teaching writing across the curriculum
• Resourcing linear courses – GCSE and A level
• Support in planning an effective Key Stage 3 Curriculum
• Using data to track and monitor progress

To support Primary and Middle Schools we offer:

• Secondary Ready: Work with teachers and TAs to develop a fresh and inspiring approach to writing
• Transition from KS2 into KS3 and High School Ready
• Assessment without levels
• Teacher CPD – developing reading and writing
• Explicitly and implicitly teaching grammar in preparation for the new grammar test
• Work with your students to develop their writing skills

We offer the following student sessions for secondary schools:

• Examination revision sessions for GCSE English Language and English Literature
• Examination revision sessions for A level  English Language and English Literature
• Intervention to improve IGCSE coursework and examinations for IGCSE Edexcel Grade 9-1

• GCSE RE-SIT  – expert tuition to ensure students get the grades.


We can train all staff in the philosophy and ideology associated with good practice in the implementation of literacy across the curriculum.

Our service includes:

• Whole School Literacy – linking literacy to the latest Ofsted requirements and Assessment Without Levels
• What makes an effective whole school Literacy Policy?
• Key strategies linked to theory and discussions about how to put this into practice.
• Marking codes
• Monitoring the implementation of literacy of all staff
• The importance of a realistic and easily implemented Marking Policy in relation to the most recent Ofsted requirements
• Effective marking and feedback.
• Reading programmes

Wider staff training:

Maximise the impact of teaching on student performance selecting from our CPD package. You can select key courses, or we can create a bespoke programme just for you!
• Behaviour management
• Differentiation (Including the More Able)
• Promoting literacy in the classroom
• Outstanding progress over time
• Effective assessment to maximise student progress
• Child protection training

Examples of our successful long term in school provision

In our most recent long term contract we worked in 2017 and 2018 in support of the English Department of Greenfield Community College. We combined our management skills with our ability to teach and engage the students and we are delighted with how well the students performed in the June examinations.

“Christine provided outstanding leadership and support to both myself and the department throughout this academic year. Her drive and determination for all to succeed combined with her ‘hands on’ approach with classes ensured learners thrived, developed and gained confidence in preparation for their examinations in both English Literature and English Language.
Christine’s expertise as a consultant and her motivation and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. She rapidly established a rapport with staff and students and helped to mould and shape the department. She supported in the creation of assessment systems, schemes of learning, CPD, developing Teaching and Learning within the department, and ensured everyone was supported.
In leading a number of successful Super Learning Days across both campuses, Christine ensured we had a homogenous, focussed and dynamic approach to the examinations. I would highly recommend both Christine and Peter and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

As well as intervention and support with Y11 from September to December, Christine agreed to become Acting Head of English from January to July. We have returned to Norham High School who continue to receive support in the following areas:

  • IGCSE training in examination technique
  • Super Learning Day at St James’ Park to prepare IGCSE coursework
  • Schemes of work that teach language through the literature to prepare for the IGCSE examination
  • Launch and support with the Speaking and Listening
  • Coursework moderation
  • Behaviour Management
  • Teacher Training
  • NQT and new teacher support
  • Meetings with HMI, Ofsted, and LA inspections
  • Implementing a new KS3 curriculum, assessment programme and tracking system
  • Establishing a reading programme
  • Implementing GCSE Linear – teaching language through literature.

“Christine Thomas has provided outstanding leadership in English. She has provided clear direction and supported staff to rise to the challenge. Her work has enabled pupils to secure attainment and progress above national averages and support our work to move this school rapidly out of an Ofsted category.

She is an excellent practitioner who really cares about pupils and always works with tenacity to ensure each and everyone achieves their very best. As a school we have benefited greatly from Christine’s work.”

David Baldwin Executive Head Teacher Norham High School

We achieved excellent results in both English Literature and English Language GCSE and this contributed to a 19% increase in A*-C in Maths and English. In terms of progress in English, 80% made their ELP and 54% made greater than their ELP in English Language. In relation to Pupil Premium, 77% made their ELP, and 53% made greater than their expected levels of progress.

(Please refer to our professional testimonial section as further evidence of our success.)

From September to January 2016  Christine was Acting Head of English at Haydon Bridge High School. In this time she:

  • Implemented a new KS3 curriculum, assessment programme and tracking system
  • Established a reading programme
  • Implemented GCSE Linear – teaching language through literature.
  • Represented the school in HMI and LA inspections
  • Support with IGCSE re-sit
  • Teaching Y10 the new AQA course
  • Teaching Y12 the new AQA AS course
  • Closing the Gap
  • Teaching Y11 legacy AQA
  • Intervention programme for Y11 CAs – delivered up to the April of 2016.
  • Performance management for the department

Christine Thomas of Everything English completely turned our department around. Offering consistent support with behaviour management, long and short term planning, intervention, line management and strategy development, Christine stabilised and moved our department forward. She had already produced schemes of work and assessment material in line with the demands of the new 2017 G.C.S.E. examination and shaped these to meet the needs of our school and students. Anticipating the demands of the new curriculum Christine designed a Key Stage 3 programme of study with assessment criteria in line with the new specification with clear, measurable outcomes for students moving to Key Stage 4 this year. Her planning and management are second to none. Christine takes a straight forward logical approach which is solution based. In situations where change management, project management, realigning, or intervention is required I could not recommend Everything English more.

Mrs K Rose HBHS (Please refer to our professional testimonial section as further evidence of our success.)

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