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Corporate Development- Improving communication in the workplace


Effective Communication in the Workplace

Everything English Education can improve and enhance the communication of your staff by creating bespoke sessions for individuals, or teams of workers to focus on improving communication in the workplace.

Our packages include:
• How to organise ideas and structure presentations
• Effective use of ICT for presentations
• Public speaking master classes
• Levels of formality in the workplace – managing staff, and conducting interviews
• The etiquette of writing and responding to emails
• Improving literacy in the workplace

Our NEW training package Bridging the Gap between Education and Work is now available. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Corporate Communication – Developing Emotional Intelligence

Effective corporate communication is the key to a successful business model. Many companies are revising their approach to business training to maximise the effectiveness of their staff.

The training that we provide is designed as an alternative to the more formulaic business models for management. We use the creative power of language and literature to engage and challenge your staff. Such training will enhance their emotional intelligence and, in turn, maximise their contribution to your company.

Creative Writing

We can organise creative writing sessions where your staff are encouraged to express their feelings, emotions and ambitions through personal reflection. As an alternative to the formalities of the business workplace, staff can explore their inner strengths through expressing themselves in their own writing. It can also act as an opportunity to empathise with others, which will support staff in the enhancement of their emotional intelligence.

Such sessions can also act as a team bonding, where emotional trust is developed through group writing and expression. A variety of venues can be organised to enable the most inspirational and productive sessions. We can tailor the sessions to the needs of your team.

Book a free consultation to discuss the areas that would best support your workplace and design bespoke sessions to maximise the performance of your staff, and the profits of your company.

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    Teacher Courses

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    Book your students onto one of our pre organised student events at Newcastle University.

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    Corporate Development

    Get the best out of your staff by taking a new and fresh approach to professional development and training.

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    Child Protection Training

    Our dynamic child protection courses combine our outstanding delivery, with our extensive experience of working in schools.

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