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English GCSE Super Learning Days

Date: Selected by you. // Venue: In school or an external venue.

Cost: Based on individual proposals.

Let us organise an intensive day of revision to prepare your students for their 100% English examinations.

Options for the day include:

  • Achieving grade 9 – a targeted intervention day that will focus on how the more able students can achieve maximum marks on the examination papers.
  • Grade 4 and 5 students. Without the cushion of coursework/controlled assessments, it is essential that the students who could be borderline have a full understanding of exactly what is required in examination conditions.
  • Motivating boys
  • Raising the self-esteem of girls.

The English Language days will cover:

  • Examination technique
  • Timing
  • Marginal gains
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • A question by question explanation of how to get the top marks
  • Model answers
  • Writing for a particular audience

A Bespoke English Literature Day

Such a day will provide an intensive booster session on preparing for English Literature. We could cover poetry, and/or focus on a key text from your choice of Shakespeare, modern prose/drama, and your selection of 19th Century literature. We can create a day that suits the needs of your students. We will cover:

  • Examination technique
  • Key quotations – and how to memorise them
  • Key themes and how to map them across the whole text
  • Timing
  • Marginal gains
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • A question by question explanation of how to get the top marks
  • Model answers

Select your dates:

  • The days may be useful for the students to prepare for their mocks. When the sessions are earlier in the year, the students can build on these techniques in the weeks leading up to the examination
  • You could also book us nearer the time of the actual examinations as their final preparation. This would act as a final boost before the examination itself.
  • You could use these sessions to provide a boost for texts that were studied in Year 10, and just need an intensive day of examination focus which will save yourself some valuable teaching time.
  • The sessions could also be used post mock, where gaps in certain students learning has been identified and can be quickly and effectively caught up
  • We offer weekend sessions, holiday sessions, or we can offer term time revision days.

Some of the schools we are working with have booked us over a series of days to ensure students have a full knowledge of both English Literature and English Language. This caters for key groups and for potential gaps in knowledge.

Our days can be preparing students for specific papers in English Language and English Literature. We cover AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR.

We can come to you, or we can organise a venue. We can create an event that suits your needs.

Our guarantee is that the sessions are all delivered by highly specialised English teachers who have a proven track record of excellent results over many years of teaching.

We offer weekend sessions, holiday sessions, or term time revision days.


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