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Stressbusting for Students

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Ofsted are currently recommending that schools provide ‘Curriculum teaching and learning to promote resilience and support social and emotional learning.’ This is where we can support your school by delivering a PSHCE day that will support your students mental health. We will introduce revision and stressbusting techniques and support students in raising their self-esteem.

In collaboration with Blue Therapy Clinic we have devised a motivational day for students preparing for their examinations. There are growing concerns associated with mental health and teenagers and as experiences educationalists alongside CBT therapists we have combined our expertise to create an inspiring course to help students through this difficult time. This course will give the students a combination of practical ideas about how to revise, as well as ways to recognise the possible onset of mental health issues. They will also learn some basic techniques about how to manage such feelings and emotions.

Stressbusting for students has never been so important!

We can organise the day to suit your needs. It can be workshop based to class sizes, small group therapy, or a series of presentations to the whole year group – or a combination of both.

The day will include:

  • Motivational Speech to support exam revision
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy modality (CBT)
  • How to revise – creating the right environment for learning
  • Creating supportive networks – sing social media to revise
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Stressbusting and mindfulness
  • Where to get help, and what kind of help is available
  • Recognition of mental health indicators and preventative strategies
  • Managing Stress in school

We are targeting Year 11, but we can also adapt the course for all students from Year 5 onward. It could also be useful for A level students. We are aware of the sensitivity of such a subject and this is where our combined expertise is such a benefit. We combine many years of teaching and our understanding of the changes in the curriculum in preparation for 100% examinations, with our NSPCC child protection training, with the expertise of our colleagues from Blue Therapy Clinic who can help identify and manage stress in relation to school. In more severe cases, we can also offer and extended support of therapy for students.

The timings of the session can be adapted to your school day.

Post course support:

If necessary we can also provide extended support and therapy for students.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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