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Building Self-Belief – Our Charity Launch is a Great Success!








The launch of our new charity, Building Self-Belief, was a great success! Alongside our work in supporting schools, Peter and myself are founders of a new charity called Building Self-Belief CIO. We are using our skills in teaching to develop and deliver programmes where we use the arts, teaching skills and motivational techniques to build resilience and self-esteem in young people. Our programmes are proving to be a great success and to celebrate this in full we organised a launch to ensure as many people as possible could share in our success. We want to show people what can be done to help schools engage some of the most out of reach young people.

Taking the Plunge

A Head Teacher recently told me that he was happily working away thinking he had the whole staff working with him, to look behind when he needed them most, only to see no one was there. Thankfully for us, when I took the plunge and went ahead with the launch, when I needed them most, and looked behind, my Trustees, colleagues, friends and family were still right behind me supporting me in every way. A fantastic feeling.

Sue Snowdon – Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Durham







Our Lord Lieutenant made a magnificent effort to interact with our fellow guests, and most importantly, make the girls from our Consett group feel warmly welcomed and massively involved in everything that we did. I was even more impressed with her level of interest and commitment when she called me on the Sunday evening after the launch to tell me she had been spreading the word about how great our charity is and that the BBC are interested in our story – so watch this space for our interview on the BBC. She was keen to have her photograph taken with the Trustees and the girls. She also did us the honour of cutting our fabulous cake – and insisted that the girls joined her to share in this experience.

Life Lessons

We firmly believe that they key to improving emotional independence is to show more thought and greater kindness to others. As part of our programmes we encourage the students to engage with their families and their home life. This can be as simple as making their mam a cup of tea, or saying than you for some thing someone has done for them, stop taking everything for granted, and eradicate feelings of being perpetually disappointed with life. One of my favourite story is when one of the boys, Joe came back to group and told us all he had asked his mam if there was anything he could help her with, and together they made Yorkshire puddings for the family Sunday dinner. This may not sound like much, but it was the very first time in his life he had taken the time to help his mam and show an interest in family life. As part of this process, his biggest life lesson was that despite the warning, he opened the oven door too early, and the Yorkshire puddings all sank. He was not disheartened though, he said they ‘tasted lush still’ and he learnt a valuable lesson: Do NOT open the oven door too early when cooking Yorkshire puddings!

I pledge…









As part of the charity launch we asked for everyone to make a pledge about being ‘nicer’ and more thoughtful to others. We had a range of responses, linked to friends and family, financial support for the charity, and collaborative pledges for the charity – all elements that we value and take pride in. Here is the link to our donation page – http://buildingselfbelief.org/donate/ Either a one off or a monthly standing order can be set up. We would be grateful for any financial support you feel you could offer us to help us continue our work.

Our Presentations

It was great to have an opportunity to share our passion for what we do with young people. Everyone said to us afterwards how interesting and engaging it was – even our own teenagers! It also goes to show how a straightforward but engaging presentation can make all of the difference when you are trying to get your message across. If you would like us to come in to your school and explain how we can support you thorough our programmes, please get in touch.


We are in the process of organising a series of meeting as a follow up to our launch. These meeting are with the following:
– Organisations who want to collaborate with us;
– Schools and community groups who would like to use our services;
– People who would like to come and work with us
– Organisations that issue grants to support our work with young people and the community.
If you would like to work with us in any of the ways outlined, please get in touch. Our ambition is to create a strong and sustainable service for the most vulnerable in society.
We would like to say a huge thank you to the following people and companies for their support and contribution to the event :

Our sponsors:

A massive thank you to our sponsors who funded the event for us.
International Freight
Widows Society
Valued Accountancy

Our Supporters:







Sweetharts’ Café – for the fabulous desserts
Stan and Kenneth of Old Elvet Hall for their organisational skills
Emma of EPM Photography for her fabulous shots of the night
Keith Newman of PR for the articles and the PR support
Vintage Rose – for the flowers
Shirley Houghey for the fabulous cake
Kate McGuigan for her help in the organisation of the event.

The Biggest Thank You of All

We would also like to thank you all for coming along to support us. It was a fabulous evening, made all of the more enjoyable by having so many people willing to come along and support us on our venture to support the young people in our community and our region. It was brilliant for us to have people inject us with self belief and give us the confidence and the support to continue to develop our work.

Our Next Event

Please come along to our next event – our very first charity fund raising dinner on 29th March 2019. Book your tickets here!