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Wilshaw’s Speech Outlining Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework

As a profession we are finally getting some clarity on how we are all going to be judged by Ofsted. Here is Michael Wilshaw’s speech in full. Key education publications have summarised the changes from a management and whole school perspective, but…

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The Curse of the Discursive Marker

To be totally honest, it was not until I became an examiner in 1999 that I truly appreciated the curse of the discursive marker. Unfortunately, over time, this has got steadily worse. There is a place for discursive markers, but they need…

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The Heightened Importance of Child Protection Training

Recent shocking revelations exposing child exploitation in the UK, and high profile cases of child neglect and cruelty, have served to highlight the importance of vigilance in safeguarding young people. We know that as institutions you strive to maximise the life chances…

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