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Pink v Blue?

Is the real debate associated with gender and children the world of gaming? The age old debate of whether boys should have ‘aggressive’ toys and girls have ‘pink’ and domestic toys has reared its head again. Quite frankly, it is pretty straightforward,…

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The Unique Brilliance of Teaching

The Unique Brilliance of Teaching, combined with the witnessing the worst lesson EVER! Teaching is undoubtedly a challenging profession. Nevertheless, a chance meeting in the streets of Newcastle has acted as a reminder of why it is also uniquely brilliant. I was…

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Summer Recommended Reading

Literature has always played a major part in my life, some books I read and enjoy them, then throw them to one side never to be thought of again, some have inspired me to change my life! ‘Freedom’ Jonathan Franzen My first…

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The Winning Poems

Well done to the students who produced the winning poems from our More Able and Talented Day at Newcastle University. Pride The feeling of jubilation Tingling through our bones, As we explore the joys of celebration Families go wild in their homes…

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Turning Disappointment into an Art

The England football team have been a major disappointment, but they have inspired the more able students to write poetry. Our More Able and Talented day at Newcastle University was a great success. The students in attendance from Tanfield School, North Durham…

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