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What’s in a Name?

The Full English is no more, we now introduce you to EVERYTHING ENGLISH EDUCATION CONSULTANCY Choosing a company name was a very strange process, it isn’t as simple as just thinking of a name you like. It has to be pertinent enough…

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Whole School Literacy

The rise and fall – and the rise again… Fourteen years ago, in North London,  as  a group of young, dynamic and enthusiastic teachers of subjects ranging from ICT, Humanities and English we had a discussion about our concern at the decline…

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‘The Simpsons’ – A literary inspiration for all?

For many years I did not watch ‘The Simpsons’. Nevertheless, as my children got older it was initially a relief that they wanted to view because it was something we could all watch together, and I no longer had to endure Cbeebies…

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Emotional Intelligence

It is official, emotional intelligence is the new buzz word for effective management strategies! When I saw the adverts for the new MBA in a recent supplement in ‘The Independent’ it came to my attention that they are using Shakespeare and Literature…

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Do you use colour to trigger thoughts?

Using colour in the classroom to trigger memory is nothing new, as teachers we know there is a link.Keep a close eye on this research published in Discover Neurology The Observer 27th April 2014. There is definitely something cognitive  that we can…

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The History of Mrs Thomas

How a re-reading of HG Wells novel ‘The History of Mr Polly’ inspired me to lead successful change in education. As a 13 year old girl in a large comprehensive school, I would sit in my English lessons and wonder why I…

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